Flatbed shipping has been a core service provided by US Atlantic Express for many years. While many companies offer flatbed on the side, flatbed freight remains a core capability of US Atlantic Express.

Logistics Flatbed Trucking Services

Regional, national, or international… Our Logistics is ready to move. Whether you only have one shipment to coordinate or consistent and ongoing shipments, our flatbed services and user-friendly technology make it simple. To discover new opportunities to simplify your supply chain and save money, contact a Flatbed Shipping Expert now.

If you have specialized flatbed freight needs, we have every service at your disposal. Some of these include:

  • Step decks
  • Side kits
  • Conastogas
  • Hot shots
  • Multi-axle


Common Flatbed Shipping Categories

In general, any industrial goods or over-sized shipments are g
ood candidates for flatbed shipping. The standard flatbed is 102″ wide, 48′ long, and can scale 48,000 pounds.