LTL – US Atlantic Express

US Atlantic Express partners with manufacturers, distributors and shippers of all sizes to provide customized transportation solutions to meet their specific needs. We take the time to learn and understand our own! Our experienced staff of logistics professionals is dedicated to offering superior service and they take pride in the role they play in our customer’s supply chain.

LTL (Less Than Truckload)

We offer less than truckload services from one pallet to

10,000 lbs via our reliable network of regional and long-haul LTL carriers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We work with customers to find the best LTL solution to match their requirements.

Don’t be fooled by the discount game! A 70% discount with one LTL carrier might cost you more than a 50% discount with another carrier. Not all carriers are the same, as evidenced by their service and price.

We can help you sort through the discounts, classes,

interlining and billing maze that many times make LTL.

Partial Truckload / Load to Ride

When should you consider USA Express Load to Ride / Partial Truckload Services?

  • If you ship 3,000 lbs or more using a LTL common carrier
  • If your freight load is light and takes up lot of space, LTL can be high
  • If you find it cheaper to send a truckload than send 10,000 lbs
  • If you ship 10 or more pallets as a truckload


Advantages to Partial / Load to Ride vs LTL

  • Lower risk damage with less handling
  • Lower prices than LTL or Truckload
  • Transit times are generally fast


99.9% of shipments deliver claim – free

In the world of freight, you will have to deal with filing a freight claim. If you want to have the best freight experience, reach out to us for a free freight and logistics consultation.