Intermodal Frail Freight

Our rail network covers three coasts with over 30,000 miles of track. We have access to over 85% of the North American population and markets worldwide. Which means you can reach the unreachable, ship the heavy, the wide, the perishable, and the dangerous. By using our rail services you can ship your cargo faster, further, cheaper. You can also feel good by using a environmentally safer transport option.
A nationwide rail journey is more cost-effective than overland transportation and lower in greenhouse gas emissions. Our Inter-modal Container Services help shippers expand their door-to-door market reach.

Freight-intl-railUnique Network Reach

Freight International offers a unique combination of rail services, more than 30 strategically located Inter-modal Terminals and equipment capacity making for fast, cost-effective freight shipments.



Cost- Effective

Rail freight can be much more cost-effective than transportation by road. This is possible through the underlying economics: trains burn less fuel per tonne mile then road vehicles and a train, which can have as many as 30 wagons, only needs one driver.


The environmental benefits of rail freight transportation compared to road have received much publicity and increased use of rail is one of the means which large companies subject to carbon footprint reporting are seeking to reduce their carbon emissions.

Exceptionally Large

Exceptionally Heavy

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